Our services

So as to meet the need of the Polish oil & gas sector, particularly changing and undergoing constant technologic evolutions, Mazars decided to dedicate a practice gathering the skills of multidisciplinary experts. Aware of the issues at stake in this sector and able to offer swift, pragmatic and flexible solutions, they will answer to all of your problematics.

Services tailored to individual needs

Project cost assurance

With more and more oil & gas projects being tendered using open book contracts, there is a corresponding need for stricter cost control, eliminating excess waste and ensuring costs are appropriate and accurate.

Due to its unique risk based approach to auditing, Mazars is requested by clients at various stages of the project life cycle:

  • Project inception; to ensure systems and processes are able to deliver accurate cost reporting when clients typically engage the supply chain on reimbursable contracts
  • During construction; to establish accuracy of costs incurred to date and highlight operational failings that put project costs/operations/timelines at risk, and recommend corrective measures
  • Project completion; to ensure final account settlements are based on accurate cost information and that project accounts are fully auditable


A full ADIT-MAZARS anti-corruption certification.

For a number of years, ADIT (Agence pour la Diffusion de l’Information Technologique) and Mazars have been providing support and assistance to companies in the implementation and continuous improvement of their anti-corruption compliance programs and have actively contributed to the sharing of best practices. Today, we have reached a new milestone in the development of a systematic approach to this issue in the form of a jointly awarded Anti-Corruption Certificate.

  • Benchmarking of your compliance program against market best practices
  • A guarantee for investors
  • A communication tool aimed at NGOs, employees and the general public
  • Better protection of the Group and its directors: compliance with the most stringent statutory and regulatory provisions and proof of external, professional and independent verification

Forensic, litigation, arbitration 

  • Acting as an intermediary to find an amicable settlement for disputes, in which we propose an organized and flexible procedural framework according to the service you request: mediation, conciliation, other mechanisms of amicable resolution of the disputes;
  • Settling issues of disagreement within a contractual situation, defined and accepted by all concerned parties.
  • Acting as a legal expert by  the  President of the Tribunal, to analyze and to answer accounting and financial issues
  • Acting as an expert consultant to solve accounting, financial and economic issues (assistance in the construction of the argumentation and the documentation of the financial file, analysis of the causes of the damage, evaluation of all the components of the damage - sustained losses and missed earnings- with the support of our experts regarding modelling and evaluation

Accounting, reporting 

  • Assistance and advices before the set-up of a new structure
  • Accounting, reporting, tax and payroll compliance
  • Administrative management and domiciliation
  • Year-end closure work and legal secretary
  • Legal tax and social assistance
  • Coordination of the services provided by all Mazars international offices