Our expertise

At Mazars, we aim to be an active stakeholder in the water community by constantly striving towards advancing sustainable water solutions and surmounting the challenges in the global water market. We intend to assist water clients with their most significant challenges to help them achieve compliance, risk mitigation, sustainability, innovation, efficiencies, growth and returns on capital.

Our solutions to help companies from Water sector to achieve their goals

Infrastructure Investment

  • Plan, manage & model your capital investment
  • Setup and monitor project financing
  • Manage tax incentives, grants, and depreciation regulations
  • Assess & benchmark system performance assessment


  • Comply with, report, monitor and anticipate regulations
  • Optimize contract performance and compliance
  • Comply with sustainable/environmental regulations

Financing Strategy

  • Seek financial resource from capital market
  • Communicate to investors
  • Set up alternative procurement and financing (feasibility study, value for money, monetization, P3)
  • Seeking external growth
  • Divest and restructure

Operational Performance

  • Evaluate operational performance
  • Monitor and optimize operation through BI and Big Data
  • Design & model tariff


  • Set up sustainability initiatives
  • Monitor & benchmark program performance
  • Communication & report program 

Dedicated experts