5th Congress of CFOs of SEG Listed Companies

On behalf of the Association of Listed Companies (Stowarzyszenie Emitentów Giełdowych – SEG) we invite you to the 5th Congress of CFOs of SEG Listed Companies. The Congress will be held on 17-18 May 2016 in the Conference Centre in Warszawianka Hotel in Jachranka.

This is an event organised as part of the educational mission of the Association, during which participants will be able to exchange their experiences as CFOs of listed companies and to gain helpful knowledge about managing a company.

The two-day meeting in a group of CFOs of leading listed companies will begin with three panel discussions, revolving around the topics such as: factors of the financial competitiveness of a company, the role of CFO in creating the company’s value and the safe strategies of the currency risk management. On the second day of the Congress participants will take part in a series of workshops that will help them gain practical knowledge. Seminars in smaller groups afterwards will also enable discussions with some market experts.

Monika Nowecka, Vice-president of Mazars Polska, will be an expert in a panel discussion and share her insights on the factors of financial competitiveness of a company.  

For more information on the Congress please visit SEG website .

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