7th Congress of CFOs of the Polish Association of Listed Companies

Monika Kaczorek, Partner and Vice President of the Management Board of Mazars Audyt, will be a speaker at the 7th Congress of CFOs of the Polish Association of Listed Companies, which will be held on October 24-25, 2018 at the Congress Center of the Warszawianka Hotel in Jachranka.

This is an event during which participants can exchange experiences related to the work of CFOs of listed companies and gain knowledge helpful in managing a company.

The program of the event

A two-day meeting in the CFO group of leading listed companies will start with four panel discussions, during which we will discuss financing the development of the company (capital market development prospects, new opportunities for "old" forms of financing, alternative financing methods, management of financial surpluses), new regulatory challenges (key changes regulatory, recent changes in tax law, tax advisory in a changing environment) and cost reduction (costs that you do not have to have in costs, cost levels and financial reporting rules, savings on labor costs, cost of risk and cost risks). We will also discuss issues related to digitization, in particular such issues as: new business models, fintech in the service of public companies, big data analysis in the financial market, IT tools facilitating digital transformation. The panels will be attended by experts and CFOs who will share their experience in this area.

Monika Kaczorek will take part in a panel discussion and share her insights on reducing costs, their levels and risks.

On the second day of the Congress, a series of thematic workshops will take place that will allow you to gain knowledge that facilitates everyday challenges. Practical classes will also enable discussion in small groups with the participation of market experts and will be conducted in three turns. After lunch, there will be a debate related to the regulatory risk management (management of non-financial risks, legal security for members of the company's governing bodies, preparation of the company for new regulations).

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More information about the Congress can be found on the SEG website.