Leadership in Corporate Sustainability Survey

Mazars will once again be partnering with Board Agenda to deliver, in association with INSEAD, this year’s board-level survey and report: Leadership in Corporate Sustainability Survey.

Are boards giving sustainability issues the attention they deserve?

The purpose of the survey is to understand the level importance boards are attaching to issues of sustainability, how they believe it affects their companies, and what, if anything, is being done to further incorporate sustainability within the business. 

“Sustainability should now be high on the agenda of boards across Europe, with the European Commission’s major initiative on sustainable finance and the emphasis given to it in the new UK Code of Corporate Governance. Focusing on sustainability makes good business sense in terms of meeting employee and customer expectations and avoiding expensive regulatory challenges. It also enables the business to make its best possible contribution to society.”
Anthony Carey, Partner and Head of Board Practice, Mazars

“Very few boards now dismiss sustainability, but integrating it into corporate governance and their business strategy remains challenging for many companies.”
Ron Soonieus, Executive-in-Residence, INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre

Take the Leadership in Corporate Sustainability Survey  and provide your insight on this headline issue. 

The survey results will be available in an online report due to be published in November 2018.

Read the Mazars and Board Agenda 2017 report, in association with INSEAD:Leadership in Corporate Culture.

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