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Bank News nº14 – July 2015

We are pleased to share with you the latest issue of Mazars’ banking newsletter, Bank News, which brings regular updates and insights into the banking sector.

Bank News nº12 - June 2014

We are pleased to share with you the latest issue of Mazars’ banking newsletter, Bank News, which brings regular updates and insights into the banking sector.

Bank News No 11 - December 2013

In a global climate of near-recession, the African continent has seen rapid economic development in recent years and has succeeded in maintaining average growth rates of around 5% since 2000. This momentum, and sound and promising long-term prospects, have led to an increasing flow of investment from players worldwide, but have also brought about a rise in African businesses and the birth of major pan-African entities.

Bank News No 10 - May 2013

In view of the turbulence in the financial markets over the past five years, policy makers worldwide have been working to change or even transform the regulation and supervision of the financial system to make it more resilient and less systemic. European summits and G20 meetings have been a driving force in initiating these processes and in preparing new national and international regulations, and in promoting new supervisory bodies such as the banking union.

Bank News No 9 - October 2012

What’s inside ?
• Mazars European Benchmark – 1st half 2012 - Analysis of financial indicators published by 18 main European banks
• Economic and financial analysis - A financial and economic analysis of the European banking sector, by the consultancy firm Trapeza
• A focus on ring-fencing - by Jonathan McMahon, Mazars UK
• An article on CVAs - by Emmanuel Dooseman and Christophe Bonnefoy, Mazars France

Bank News n°8 – April 2012

Impairment on exposure to Greek government bonds of €10 billion, a profit on own credit spread of €15 billion, 100,000 job losses announced and 5 banks posting losses!
These are the key points of our benchmark for 2011.

Bank News n°7 - October 2011

Our European benchmark shows a relatively robust performance from the banks in our sample for the first half of 2011, in despite the impact of the Greek crisis.

Bank News n°6 - April 2011

A few weeks ago in Brussels, MAZARS brought together representatives of the European Commission, the CBFA (Belgian regulator) and various banking groups for a debate on Basel 3 regulations and specifically the reform regarding the new solvency ratio. This Bank News issue is a good opportunity to provide you with an update of this discussion.

Bank News n°5 – October 2010

In our previous issue we highlighted the turnaround in the profitability and solvency of the banks in our European benchmark sample. Fortunately this trend has been confirmed in the results published by the major banking groups for the first half of 2010, as covered in Bank News No. 5.

Bank News n°4 - April 2010

The banking industry has continued to generate a lot of column inches in recent months.
Following the publication of annual reports for the year 2009, our European benchmark has confirmed that the banks in our sample have seen improvements in profitability and solvency levels.

Bank News n°3 - October 2009

As every half-year Bank News is the occasion for Mazars to review the financial performances of a group of 20 big European banks and to approach news headlines of the European banking world.