Accounting and financial services

By outsourcing some of your accounting or financial work to Mazars, you can relieve your team of everyday administrative duties, so that they can focus on performing key functions in your Company.

If you are understaffed, we will provide you with personnel for your financial & accounting departments as quickly as possible. Depending on your needs, you might be supported with a management team (including chief accountants) at your Company’s seat or you might delegate a complex project directly to our office.

Helping you to meet necessary regulations within the legal deadlines and ensuring the continuity of works in your financial & accounting departments is a crucial advantage guaranteed by Mazars office.

Tax advice

Mazars' tax advisers can also support in tax matters (personal income tax, VAT and corporate tax) and help you in setting up the appropriate structure, while working in line with any financial administration.

Bookkeeping and compliance

If you need help in compiling your accounts, we can assure that you meet your monthly and annual deadlines in the most cost effective and time efficient way. You can always count on our permanent support whether it comes to everyday bookkeeping, setting up your accounts or revising your books for the year-end.

Accounting and financial consultancy

Mazars employs highly qualified specialists – statutory auditors and employees certified by the Ministry of Finance and qualified for keeping the books for third parties. They are also supported by Mazars tax advisors.