WEBINAR: Tax challenges for the Financial Industry Sector

The COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping economies and societies in an unprecedented manner all over the world. Travel bans, increasing unemployment and other consequences of the COVID-19 leads to a variety of tax issues, especially in situations involving cross-border elements for financial services industry. The webinar provided an insight into relevant corporate tax, indirect tax, global mobility and transfer pricing issues presented by Mazars global FS tax experts.

Mazars panel led by Erik Stroeve, Global Head of FS tax and an interactive discussion included consideration of:

  • Corporate tax – concerns related to residency status companies- Erik Stroeve, Mazars Netherlands and Faye Tannenbaum, Mazars USA
  • Transfer Pricing pressure points, Bettina Grothe, Mazars Germany, Renata Ardous, Mazars UK, and Akos Tomor, Mazars Hungary
  • Global mobility – cross border works and individual residency of people - Alexander Rasink, Mazars Netherlands and Joe Pilley, Mazars UK  
  • Indirect tax deferrals and key VAT issues- Birgit Juergensmann, Mazars Germany and Axel Scheller, Mazars Germany

The webinar took place on Wednesday, April 29th.