Beyond the GAAP No. 105 - November 2016

The adoption of IFRS 9 by the European Union marks the end of the work carried out by EFRAG under the leadership of Françoise Flores, coincidentally falling at the same time as her appointment as a member of the IASB. This appointment will maintain a French presence on the Board, following the end of Philippe Danjou’s term last October.

Françoise Flores joins the IASB just as the finishing touches are being put to the future IFRS 17 – Insurance Contracts standard as well as to the Conceptual Framework, which will provide the foundation for future standard-setting projects. After this, the IASB will begin a new chapter, focusing on better communication in financial reporting. It will focus particularly on the presentation of financial performance, a topic that will surely be of interest to all stakeholders. However, no major new standards are scheduled for the coming years.

While IFRS 15 and IFRS 9 do not become mandatory until 2018, in this issue we also list the new standards, amendments and interpretations that are applicable for the 2016 financial statements.


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Beyond the GAAP No. 105 - November 2016