Beyond the GAAP no. 116 - November 2017

Over the past decade, the IASB has been working on the process of converging IFRS with US GAAP, and this month saw EU endorsement of the remaining resulting standards.

With implementation now set to go ahead, this marks the end of a chapter. The one remaining major standard awaiting endorsement  –  namely IFRS 17 - Insurance Contracts – was not a joint project with the FASB, and moreover is not scheduled for endorsement until the end of next year.

After summarising the regulators’ recommendations for you in last month’s issue, our ‘A Closer Look’ feature this month provides further assistance with year-end preparations. It presents our traditional overview of all the standards and interpretations applicable for 2017 financial statements. 


Beyond the GAAP no. 116 - November 2017
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