Beyond the GAAP no. 148 - October 2020

Since the beginning, our mission for Beyond the GAAP has been to keep you informed of accounting developments and to provide clarification and insight, in an environment where changes to accounting frameworks and regulators’ activities require constant vigilance from businesses and their auditors.
The launch of our new brand provides an opportunity for us to renew our commitment to this mission, as we present the new visual identity for Mazars and Beyond the GAAP. We are proud of our wide readership and will continue to apply our expertise and analysis to shed light on accounting news.

This month, Beyond the GAAP helps to elucidate the key recommendations from the European regulator for 2020 annual financial reporting. Unsurprisingly, the key messages once again relate to the quality of financial information during the ongoing public health and economic crisis.


Beyond the GAAP no. 148 - October 2020
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