Beyond the GAAP no.110 - April 2017

For the second time in its history, the IASB has launched a rapid-turnaround consultation with a comment period of just 30 days – the minimum permitted by its Due Process Handbook.

What is more, it once again relates to financial instruments. The IASB is rushing it through in the hope that the document will be ready for first-time application alongside IFRS 9 in 2018. It is touch and go, as the basic principle needs to be approved by stakeholders and the amendments then need to go through the EU adoption process!

This hustle and bustle forms a sharp contrast with the time spent by the IASB on the quality and volume of the financial information disclosed in accordance with IFRS. This month’s feature takes ‘A Closer Look’ at the development of financial information disclosure principles, announced by the IASB in May 2013. The document comprises almost a hundred pages, and stakeholders have a six-month comment period to formulate their thoughts.


Beyond the GAAP No. 110 - April 2017
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