Beyond the GAAP no.154 - April 2021

In its final report on the “fitness check” on the EU framework for public reporting by companies, which began in 2018, the European Commission has concluded that IFRSs ensure high-quality financial information and comparability of financial statements. However, the findings on non-financial reporting were less encouraging, despite some progress thanks to the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD).

In this context, most stakeholders no longer have many urgent requirements for changes to the IFRS framework. Despite this, it is important to engage with the consultation recently launched by the IASB on its work plan for the next five years, as this will help to identify any remaining standard-setting requirements and priorities in terms of ensuring consistency of practice (although much of the work for the next few years is already mapped out).

However, a key priority for everyone at this point is to eventually bring the quality of non-financial reporting into line with that of financial reporting. The IFRS Foundation has therefore launched another consultation, this time on amendments to its Constitution to permit the creation of an International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB). Meanwhile, the European Commission has published its ambitious and long-awaited proposals for a Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which would replace the NFRD. The proposals would establish EFRAG as the standard-setter for non-financial reporting in Europe.


Beyond the GAAP no.154 - April 2021
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