The 6th CEE Strategic SSC/GBS Conference

Mazars will attend the 6th CEE Strategic SSC/GBS Conference in Budapest, during 25 - 26 April.

A content driven event, aiming to “connecting minds” to do business, increase efficiency and ultimately, improve efficiency, productivity and quality of service delivery in the Shared Service Centers sector.

Corporate speakers with the highest level of seniority in the SSC arena will gather to share their experience and network with like-minded professionals wishing to shape the future of the industry in the region!

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The event is sponsored by Mazars.

Key topics in the agenda

Day 1:

  • Adapting to (and leveraging) the macro environment
    • Be brave! Taking the driver seat in leading transitions and transformation programs globally in these turbulent times
    • Rising costs and labor market saturation: The question of CEE’s competitiveness for transactional activities and beyond
    •  Developing a branding of its own for SSC/GBS to become an industry of choice
  • Structural transformation for long-term sustainability
    • Organizational flexibility and resilience – the new “must-haves” to sustainable SSC/GBS operations, but easier said than done?
    • The future resides in GBS’ ability to MASSIVELY simplify, not only the processes, but the entire way of doing business
    • Stakeholder management: Role of SSC/GBS in nurturing the business relationship with HQ (and not the other way around)

Day 2:

  • Global capabilities, integrating technology
    • Fish local, act global – How GBS need to empower their local talents to fuel global operations scale-up
    • Payroll in the spotlight: challenges, best models and process architectures in the international context
    • From cost-driven transitions to capability-based assessment: Bring in more complex services
    • Intelligent business service center concept: Gathering the fruits of digitization and automation at large
  • It is all about people
    •  Business opportunities hidden behind D&I initiatives and how to handle new generations’ expectations
    • “It is a people business” – Responsible approach to put the well-being of your employees up front as part of your long-term strategy
    • Anticipating needed future skillsets to set-up a sustainable, adaptable and efficient training strategy