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The editor in chief of this website is the managing partner of Mazars - Poland:
Michel Kiviatkowski
ul. Piękna 18
00-549 Warszawa

Registration data of the companies belonging to Mazars Group in Poland:

 Mazars Audyt Sp. z o.o.
 Ul. Piękna 18
 00-549 Warszawa, Poland
 tel. +48 22 25 55 200
 fax +48 22 25 55 299

 KRS: 0000086577
 Regon: 011110970
 NIP: 526-021-54-09,
 Registered capital: 1 268 000,00 PLN

Company entered on the list of entities entitled to audit financial statements under entry 186
Management Board:
Olivier DEGAND, Monika KACZOREK, Bogusław LASKOWSKI, Jarosław BOCHENEK
 Mazars Polska Sp. z o.o.
 Ul. Piękna 18
 00-549 Warszawa, Poland
 tel. +48 22 25 55 200
 fax +48 22 25 55 299

 KRS: 0000083094
 Regon: 010381827
 NIP: 526-00-19-051
 Registered capital: 237 000,00 PLN
 Management Board: